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AdWeb is an affiliate network that provides to its partners/affiliates with the Internets top performing advertising offers from one side and real-time tracking, highest payouts, scheduled payments and 24/7 professional support from another side.
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Become an Affiliate Partner


Delivering constant integration support, our dedicated account managers will ensure that you are always on the forefront of success.

Get access to a seamless and comprehensive management console that helps you enhance your publisher relationships and thereby increase revenue and business growth.

We understand the importance of every click that you encounter. Hence we have created the ideal analytical solution to help you analyze and boost your virtual traffic through the existing visitor pattern.

Out of thousands and more ads that we have as active campaigns, we will concoct the ideal combination that will best suit your website, resulting in prompt conversion to sales.

Become an affiliate


If you have a website that works, we have the right set of advertisers who can’t wait to get associated with you. Sign Up with us and once our dedicated team approves your application, we pair you with the ideal affiliate managers who will ensure there are no boundaries attached to your success.


We help you make the right choice that will show calculated results by choosing advertising offers from over 25 verticals. Make an informed decision that is also lucrative by viewing the average EPC, CR and network earning level of each of the offers you receive.


Whether it is optimizing your web traffic or helping you make the right decision in selecting the ideal and most leveraging offer backed by profiting bonus schemes, with our dedicated affiliate manager, the gory will always be yours.

Cost Per Lead

Giving a whole new angle to affiliate marketing, with Cost Per Lead or CPL, you can monetize your publisher website only through referrals generated. Every time a visitor shares vital financial information during registrations or sign-ups via clicking on the advertisement, such as credit card number, you receive the agreed cost per lead referral fee without the visitor having to take any further action such as confirmation of sale.

Cost Per Action

There are a series of actions that an advertiser may seek from the visitors to their ads at various publisher websites. They range from form submissions, registrations or complete sales. Under the CPA method, advertisers pay the publisher the decided fee once the agreed actions initially defined have been covered by the visitor of the publisher website. Ideally, within the CPA, visitors are expected to submit detailed information and often include successful credit card transactions.

Cost Per Sale

One of the most standardized forms of affiliate marketing, cost per sale is the mode when the publisher receives the decided fee once the visitor or referral has undergone the entire purchase process after viewing the advertisement on the publisher website. It includes the payment process and disclosure of the financial information. Under CPS, the publisher also benefits from achieving repeat pay outs from every subsequent purchases made by the visitor initially directed from the publisher website.

Cost Per Download

Affiliate marketing campaigns that are specific to software’s and applications usually opt for the CPD or the Cost Per Install method. Backed by the increasing popularity of digitization across various platforms, this method you can successfully earn the highest referral pay outs with the help of lucrative and quality advertising offers.

Become A Publisher
At AdWeb, we help you create a successful and return oriented affiliate marketing program. After careful screening, we select the most established and promising publishers to be associated with. Post selection, we offer complete solutions to ensure comprehensive advertising opportunities. Ensuring that you are always on the benefiting end, we guide you through the most lucrative advertising campaigns that offer successful conversion ratio. As a publisher you get access to a dedicated personal account manager, who helps create leveraging advertising content after careful selection from our repository of advertisers. Backed by innovative technology, get access to revenue tracking solutions and optimization to help you manage your advertising and monitor returns. Delivering an end-to-end solution, with AdWeb, you are sure to make your virtual platform a success algorithm for affiliate marketing.